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Art Bell Talks With David Sereda and John Hutchison (24JUN05)


This is a small snippet of a conversation on the radio with host Art Bell, and guests David Sereda and John Hutchison, a self-taught scientist from Canada. John is most famous for his discovery of the Hutchison Effect, which includes the use of lots of military surplus electronic equipment, which, when all powered up at the same time, results in levitation of objects, metals dissolving, and a whole lot of other weird things.

In this snippet, Art Bell, John Hutchison, and David Sereda discuss John's successful re-creation of the Ark of the Covenant.

Enjoy ...!


JOHN HUTCHISON: The last major adventure I had was building a re-creation of the Ark of the Covenant, which has not aired yet on TLC.

Replica of the Ark of the Covenant

Replica of the Ark of the Covenant

ART BELL: I recall, John that you were intent on doing that the last time we spoke. So you're telling me that you have brought that experiment into fruition?

JOHN HUTCHISON: Yes, I have. And it does work, and there are entities, believe it or not.

ART BELL: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow up --

JOHN HUTCHISON: Oh yes, Art --

ART BELL: -- slow up.

JOHN HUTCHISON: (laughs) I'm slowing up.

ART BELL: You've created the Ark of the Covenant, or re-created the Ark of the Covenant, I guess would be more accurate. What have you done?

What have you done?

JOHN HUTCHISON: What have I done, Art. I've had a small version of it, and a large version. And we tested a large version of it at PNJ Metals, in Richmond BC here, and that thing went off ballistics.

ART BELL: What -- what --

JOHN HUTCHISON: Massive sparks and ionization effects and entities flying around in the room --

ART BELL: Ent -- whoa, whoa. Entities flying around in the room?

JOHN HUTCHISON: That's right. That's what Rudy was saying: "I think my camera's not working properly," he said, so he double checked the film when he was filming. Like, this -- I mean, this was like six months of work we did --


JOHN HUTCHISON: -- for BlueBook films, who's a contractor for Discovery Channel's Networks.

So the main thing was major lightning and flames and white lights, and strange little entities. I had --

ART BELL: Did they capture this on film?

JOHN HUTCHISON: It's all on film.

ART BELL: It's all on film. Now, this is remarkable. Um --

JOHN HUTCHISON: Six hours of film, Art. And it hasn't aired yet on TLC. I don't know why; it's on the BlueBook web site. And they had a little show reel of it, and the show reel now is gone; the only thing that's left I believe is -- on the BlueBook website is credits, and they give the Ark of the Covenant Revealed --

ART BELL: Good lord, John. David, are you aware of all this?

DAVID SEREDA: Well, no actually, I didn't know that this was something new that John was doing. But he did tell me something -- and I remember looking at actual photos -- in the energy field, he could see entities actually appearing inside the field, that were almost angelic-looking, from what I remember when I saw them, and possibly -- I mean, that is a way to, you know, when you think of STAR WARS and these three dimensional images of Princes Leia appearing out of R2-D2 --

ART BELL: Right.

DAVID SEREDA: -- it was almost like that. I mean, it just looked like -- you just see this field, and, uh, this three dimensional image just floating inside of the field.

ART BELL: John, I --

DAVID SEREDA: Is that correct, John?

JOHN HUTCHISON: Yeah, that's right.

ART BELL: John, I need to understand how one goes about, in effect, back-engineering the Ark of the Covenant? I mean, how did you know enough about the original makeup of the Ark of the Covenant to attempt to duplicate it?

JOHN HUTCHISON: Well, I have, Art, a lot of teachers, and some of them are like Ben Franklin, and many other -- like history. I read books. If I'm not sure of anything, I'll read books or consult --

ART BELL: All right, John. Where did you get the plans for the Ark of the Covenant? (laughs)

JOHN HUTCHISON: (laughs) Well I went by the --

ART BELL: Which book had that? The Bible?

JOHN HUTCHISON: I went by the Bible and other books.

ART BELL: Is the Bible specific enough to begin to back-engineer a technology?

JOHN HUTCHISON: No,no, no; not really. I had to go into other areas of research and speculation, and some other scientific experiments that were done.

I'm always fed information from other sources all the time?


JOHN HUTCHISON: And there was an experiment done 30 years ago in a university somewhere back east, where they did this, and this thing caused major havoc, and they dismantled it.

So I -- I went on the premise that, okay, this thing has to be powered by, maybe electrostatics. We tried all the other ways, and I used some of my crystal material as a cement. We tried grapefruit, then we tried the voltaic pile; that was quite a weighty voltaic pile, getting up to a hundred volts.

And then I thought, no, maybe something simple like electrostatics. So, I supplied perhaps the conditions you'd find in Egypt: Dry winds --


JOHN HUTCHISON: -- and that -- and especially the tabernacle, which is cloth, which would collect a lot of ions and that.

John Hutchison Working on his Replica of the Ark of the Covenant

John Hutchison Working on his Replica of the Ark of the Covenant

ART BELL: So you duplicated the environment.


ART BELL: And then you produced this high electrostatic charge --

JOHN HUTCHISON: That's right.

ART BELL: -- and swearing on the Bible, you're telling me --


ART BELL: -- you produced effects that included entities that they caught and documented on camera.

JOHN HUTCHISON: Right on camera.

ART BELL: And David Sereda, you're standing behind this?

DAVID SEREDA: Yeah, I seen some of the photographs in the field, and they do look like -- like I said, almost like angelic-type forms, and, you know, I've personally have seen this stuff with my own eyes. I've seen three dimensional beings right in front of me, and through, you know, 25 years of practicing meditation, something's got to change in your ability to -- it's like a, you know, like a radio. In Einstein's four dimensions, you have up and down, you know, width and then depth and then time, and the observer is also a part of that dimension. You could almost call the observer the fifth dimension.

DAVID SEREDA: Now, if you can -- every one of those points in Einstein's four dimensions are wave-particle relationships, and they all have frequency, including the observer. So if you change the frequency of the observer, then what you can observe -- the quantity of the dimensions you can observe increases, just like moving up and down the FM dial.

So, in my experiences, I've seen these things three dimensionally, right in front of me; you know, humans, even my aunt when she died, I saw her right in front of me as clear as day, and what I saw inside of the field from the photos of the Hutchison Effect remind me so much of that.

ART BELL: All right, you two.

Frequently on this program, beginning when I was doing it full time --


ART BELL: -- we started hearing all these stories of so-called shadow people --


ART BELL: -- you know, beings or entities -- nobody's quite sure -- seen kind of in flickering vision. There's a theory that in these modern times, people are staring at monitors for hours and hours and hours; computers -- I'm guilty of that myself, I do it.

And, after spending hours staring at a computer monitor with a frame rate of what, 60 refreshing (sic) per second or whatever, it begins to change the human brain a little bit, in terms -- vibrationally, it changes the human brain a little bit, and enables people to see more of whatever it is we're seeing when we see these so-called entities or whatever they are, sort of at the corner of vision.

Does that make sense to anybody?

DAVID SEREDA: Yeah, I mean, you're looking at the gap -- Buddha always talked about the gap between the in and the out breath when you meditate. And then you also look at the gap between the peaks and the waves. And as your brain starts to change frequency, information in the in-between points of waves, starts to peer through, and that's where these other dimensions are. And I think if you expose your brain which is a wave machine to a computer or any electric current long enough, it's going to start to manipulate the wave state of the brain, and maybe those gaps start to get wider and wider, and more of that information starts to come through.

When you've seen one of these things yourself, I mean, even thinking of shadow beings as black, mysterious figures, again, these things can appear black, but it literally could be a much higher frequency than we're used to seeing, so you just get a void, but you do get a shape, you get an actual form. And if you're able to see high enough in frequency, that form will start to have detail.

And what's strange about this apparatus that John has set up, it works the same way: It's a wave-field, and that field is possible -- it's acting as a, you know, almost like a medium between those higher dimensional energies and what we see, and it allows it to reflect inside of that field, and that's a commuications device, and maybe the Ark of the Covenant was exactly the same thing: a communication device to communicate with God; I mean --

ART BELL: Well, you know --

DAVID SEREDA: -- or, you know, a demigod or God, or whatever you want to call it.

ART BELL: Yeah; I wonder about the advisability of opening doors like that. I mean, when you endeavor to re-invent the Ark of the Covenant, seems to me you're inviting the possibility of, well, God knows what.

JOHN HUTCHISON: God knows what. Sometimes -- well, that's why I like to study a friend of mine's, Colonel Alexander's work on the mental battle field and psychotronics.

ART BELL: Yes, I know Colonel Alexander well. And I know that he has attempted to observe some of what you've done, right?

JOHN HUTCHISON: That's right. And he's also appeared on several TLC TV specials with me.

ART BELL: All right. No offense, John or David. But if they had video of John creating an effect which produced recordable, video-taped entities in a field, that would be so hot.


ART BELL: It would be so hot --

JOHN HUTCHISON: It is, Art. It's so hot that it, it --

ART BELL: Then how can it not run as a special?

JOHN HUTCHISON: It should; I feel it should run two hours; it's only one hour.

DAVID SEREDA: That's actually a great idea. I mean, I'm in the business of making films now. My newest film, Dan Acroyd Unplugged on UFOs, just appeared at Cannes Film Festival, and I've got a major studio releasing it in Hollywood, and, you know, I'm, I'm just going to make more and more of these films. And that --

ART BELL: Great, David. But how could this -- I mean, this would be so hot, it doesn't take you to think of, Gee, what a great idea, why don't I do that? They should be clamoring to do that. That's --

DAVID SEREDA: You'd think they would, if they were so open-minded. But look at the Peter Jennings special. I mean, they didn't -- there's real UFO footage out there that I offered the producers of Peter Jennings, and they wanted to do simulations. They didn't want to show the real thing, because that would scare people too much.

ART BELL: Oh, you really believe that?

DAVID SEREDA: I believe that. I think a simulation is more safe; it's like a buffer zone. You know, you're hearing -- you kow, eyewitness accounts and testimony and hearsay, but if you're looking at real videotape, you know, of the giant triangles, the, you know, Phoenix Lights, the UFOs that Jeff Willies is getting in Phoenix --


DAVID SEREDA: -- Pat Esther's stuff, the Mark Olson stuff up in Sonorra, I mean, I've met all these guys. This is good footage. And, I think that -- and I offered it to the producers of Peter Jennings, and they didn't want to run it.

JOHN HUTCHISON: That's rather sad, you know?

DAVID SEREDA: You know, a story like this, beings in a field, I mean, angelic-like beings -- and John has had, you know, some of his own personal experiences, I believe, just from, like you said, staring in front of a computer all day, he's working around these fields all the time, and aside from the Hutchison Effect, there's been some incredible communication experiences he's had as well.

JOHN HUTCHISON: You know, it's interesting, David. Going back some years, when I was -- my ex, who made a film that appeared on Entertainment Tonight called Miracle of the Unknown, she went out and interviewed such people like Tom Bearden, Bucart Hines, reconfirming all the UFO technology. And it hasn't aired yet in the U.S. or Canada, but it's aired many times over seas. I think you actually seen that one one time.


ART BELL: I can understand that ABC could have gone farther. They were taking a first step ....

There's more -- about two hours' worth -- but no more about the Ark.

If you're curious about John Hutchison's work with the Ark, you can find the video here:


Alas, the footage of the entities are gone; all you see is maybe brief flashes of an orb or two.

On John's site (below), you can read the story of what happened to that video; a most interesting story!

John Hutchison's site is here:

http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca/Ark Of The Covenant II.html

You can find David Sereda's site here:


Oh, and if you'd like to hear the interview for yourself, you can find that here:


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