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By G.D. Warner

Lieb's WPM Player

A Nice Way to Manage the Speed of Recorded Dictation


A couple years back, I found a woman on Facebook by the name of Leibe Stevenson who, at the time, was going by the name of Lieb G.

Anyway, Lieb has a friend who is a computer programmer, and he came up with a program (Windows only, folks! Sorry!) which will allow you (yes, YOU) to take any dictation, open it from within the program, adjust the speed, and have the dictation play itself at that speed.

Pretty cool, huh? :o)

Well. Let's get crackin'.


What You Will Need

You'll need a copy of the program itself, but before you can run it, you'll need to install Microsoft's Dot Net framework.

Just in case, you should follow these instructions and check to see if you've already got Dot Net installed.

Once you've either determined you don't need to install the Dot Net framework or it's already been installed, go ahead and install Lieb's Player.

Instructions, you say? What about a video?

Yes, that's right ... there's a video, and you can watch that one here.

Lieb's Player Loaded

Lieb's Player Loaded

Okay, that should do it! Good luck, everybody!