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By G.D. Warner


The Art and Science of Speaker IDs


Every once in a while, somebody posts a question in a forum or on Facebook about how to identify the speakers at a deposition or in court or, you know, wherever ... at which point somebody mentions the "double-stroke" method, or the "RED/RED" method, based on something the attorney is wearing -- usually their tie or a dress.

Of course, the problem with those is the -- well. Let's just let the denizens of the Depoman Forum tell you what the problem is ... and we'll do that with a trio of PDFs -- two directly from Depoman and the other a cached version from Google.


speak easy

Speak Easy

First up is part one of a thread begun by Cheap and Sleazy contributor, Greg Adelson, which is -- well, *WAS* -- my "go-to" article on four-voice speaker I.D.s:


... and naturally, if you have a part one, you just *HAVE* to have a part two, and you can find that one here:


Alas, I had to grab those from Google's cache after Depoman went down for the count, and the pictures did not survive ... but thankfully, all of the text did!

Next up is an eleven page thread on the same subject:


Happy four-voicing!